William Gohl

William (Bill) Gohl passed away on December 9th, 2019, in La Quinta, California. Born in St. Louis Missouri, on March 24, 1922, William was the son of William August Gohl and Rose Cecilia Woerner. He attended School in St. Louis and Kirkwood, Missouri, through twelfth grade. He married Amapola, a Spanish movie star who later died of cancer. They had no children.

Bill enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he spent time in Hawaii and there he reconnected from high school with the love of his life, Georgette Volk. At the time the relationship would be placed on “hold” as WWII eventually brought him to the battle of Iwo Jima where he became combat wounded and was later awarded the Purple Heart.

After the war and his military service, he became an entrepreneur taking on several business challenges. He eventually ended up in Southern California and during a business trip to Missouri he rekindled his relationship with Georgette Volk. The two were soon married and lived in Kirkwood Missouri, later moving to be near their daughter Barbara in Palm Desert California. According to both Georgette and Bill, they spent the most enjoyable years of their life together until Georgette passed away 18 years later. Both Bill and Georgette were devout Christians living and practicing the faith. After Georgette’s death Bill lived a modest life in Palm Desert California with his step-daughter Barbara and her husband Mark nearby.

He is survived by one remaining sister (Sister Ann-Catholic Nun in St. Louis Mo.), his step-daughter Barbara Wasserkrug and her husband Mark, his granddaughter Ann Wasserkrug, great grandchildren Cayle and Matthew and his extended family of nieces and nephews-grand nieces and nephews, his church family at Desert Cities Baptist Church, Palm Desert, CA.

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